Night Prayer for Holy Week

May the Lord grant you a quiet night and a perfect end.

Each evening during Holy Week
@ 8pm
Palm Sunday Night to Easter Sunday Night

Join us for a short recitation of the the 
Night Prayer of the Church on Zoom, link here

“When you have lifted up the Son of Man then you will know that I am He”

  • Daily Mass Readings
    Available HERE
  • Action:
    Today Lord I will try not to be a naysayer I will try simply to see good in places where I do not expect it.
  • Prayer:
    Lord today I pray that I have the eyes to see who You are, ears to hear your message for me and faith enough to follow You who have come from the Father

He will be lifted up

In today’s Gospel St. John presents Jesus as  involved an ongoing series of sharp exchanges with the Pharisees. These are about the identity of Jesus, who He is and from Whom He gets His teaching and His authority. In these exchanges I sense an increasingly exasperated Jesus.  In all the parables He had told, in the questions He had asked, in the answers He had given, in the miracles He had worked, it should have been evident to those, like the Pharisees, well versed in the Law, that He is the Messiah whose coming was foretold in the Law and the Prophets. Still, they cannot see

Towards the end of today’s Gospel Jesus refers to Himself  as “The Son of Man” a title which the prophet Daniel had given to the Messiah. He then goes on to talk about being “lifted up” Here He is not only making reference to the death he will suffer He is also suggesting that He by his death, that is, his being “lifted up” is the fulfillment of the symbol that was lifted up by Moses in the desert. This symbol  brought healing and life to the people of Israel in the midst of their long and arduous journey to the promised land: So too Jesus’ being lifted up on the cross will bring healing and everlasting life to those who will look to Him, who believe in Him

Jesus is clear however that his mission is not of himself:  Is the the result of what he has been taught by His Father who will not abandon Him because He does what pleases the Father.

The truth of His utterances and the clarity with which He expresses it, the Gospel tells us “brought many to believe in him”


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