Night Prayer for Holy Week

May the Lord grant you a quiet night and a perfect end.

Each evening during Holy Week
@ 8pm
Palm Sunday Night to Easter Sunday Night

Join us for a short recitation of the the 
Night Prayer of the Church on Zoom, link here

“They want to arrest Jesus then, but he eluded them”


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  • Action 

    Lord as I read the Gospel today, I wonder where am I when it comes to accepting You as “The Son of God” Do I miss the signs and wonders in my life which are proof that You are my loving Saviour: Do I dismiss them because what I want is a magical resolution  to all the things that bother me? Today I will try find the blessedness in every moment. I will try to find the goodness that surrounds me, I will try to be grateful for this goodness. 

  • Prayer
    Today Lord
    I ask for a growth
    in my trust in You
    so that I can walk on
    with You by my side,
    through good times and bad: Again, Lord
    I ask for the faith
    to see the small miracles
    that parse my everyday
    as proof, if I need it,
    that You are with me always.
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Who do people say that I am?

Today in the Gospel from St. John the opposition to Jesus and his teaching is no longer coming exclusively from either the Scribes and Pharisees or from the group of Jews who had come to believe in Jesus but from “the Jews” and this opposition has become physical violent “They fetched stones to stone him” Jesus asks “why” citing the good works he has done and questions which of these works has brought about this violent opposition to Him? 

The answer is very serious for Jesus because what is at issue is not His good works but his perceived blasphemy evident, they claim, in His assertion “to be the son of God”. Jesus knows that the penalty provided in “the Law” for those convicted of blasphemy is “death by stoning” so he offers a defense grounded in the source of the “the Law” He claims the protection of the word of God in the scriptures against the accusation. 

He is also doing something more important and in terms of his own safety something more dangerous. He is asserting his identity as “someone the Father has consecrated and sent into the world” He is careful however not to give hostages to fortune in this text by not referring to Himself as “The Son of God” but allowing the title “Son of God” to emerge as the accusation the Jews have made against Him.  

He points out to the Jews that they have a choice if His actions are not “the Father’s work” then they do not have to believe in him but if these works are a testament to the Father and a validation that Jesus has come from God and is implicitly “the Son of God” then belief in Jesus as the “Son of God” is the end point of the argument because “The Father is in me and I am in the Father”  

Jesus’ exposition further enflames the Jews who cannot now stone him as their claim of blasphemy has not been proven so they move to arrest him but for now he eludes them. He goes to the far side of the Jordan where many people sought him out.  These people believed in him not only because of the signs and wonders he worked but also because His identity had been validated in the words John the Baptist had spoken of Him  



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