“We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone .”


  • Daily Mass Readings
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  • Action
    Give yourself intentional attention today. Notice when you allow the negative messages to dominate. Gently remind yourself that you bare the light of Christ. Enjoy this light and allow its truth to transform you.
  • Prayer
    Compassionate God,
    Help me to grow in my awareness that I am your beloved daughter/son. May I shine your light in the darkness and live your compassion and love in all I do. 

For God so loved the world…

“For God so loved the world…” This is not a generic; God loves the world, but more radically, God loves me, the very person I am. God’s love is both universal and intimately personal, calling me into relationship. I am a beloved son of God! This profound truth cannot be overemphasised. And at the same time, my biggest problem is I don’t believe it enough.

I am always irrationally irritated by the street corner preacher telling those who pass by that they are sinners and need Jesus to save them. It is not that I don’t believe the message, but I believe it’s not the most important part of the fuller message. I am loved by God and have great potential as a child of God. Jesus knew that it is this truth that is transformative and so dangerous. Evil prefers us to hide in the dark and think we are small, sinner, unworthy.

Jesus’ power comes precisely from his belief that he was a beloved son of God, the light of God. His relationship with the Father empowered him and liberated him. Hence Jesus is the great liberator, the great saviour. We are called to the same greatness.

I suspect a great step forward in living compassion is being compassionate to myself; letting go of fear and embracing the love God showers upon me. I am a child of God, when I let my light shine, I give permission for others to also shine.


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