“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.” (Psalm19:14)


  • Daily Mass Readings
    Available HERE
  • Task

    Place a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or Mary or your favourite saint in your kitchen window with a battery-operated led light in front of it. Focus on the person represented by the statue occasionally. This is another form of prayer.

  • Prayer
    Thank you, Lord, for my life. Teach me to focus
    on the moment
    and live it to the full,
    carrying out the tasks
    of each day with care.
    Knowing that carrying out
    Your Will is my prayer to you.

Radiate love to others

Supposed to be
A message was coming to me, loud and clear, from those who were in the business of spiritual nourishment, that to get in touch with self and God one must step out of the rat race of life and retreat to a quiet, holy place; withdraw into that inner emptiness in meditation, or slot time into a busy schedule for prayer. The real living of one’s spiritual life was supposed to go on in these snatches of ‘time out’ but is that it?

A Way of Life
I experience Christianity as a way of life. Life is a process with many developmental stages. To fully engage and grow with the demands of the different stages is what I imagine God would want us to do. After all God created us as we are, He knows that life is busy with study, work and loved one’s to care for. If we have children there will be many years when we will not have time or money for the luxury of ‘time out’ to pray and reflect. During these times He is content with a prayer on the wing offered up alongside the active prayer of caring for our families.

Jesus works through me
As children we were told our souls were the temple of the Holy Spirit. Today I would express that in terms of my being a broken vessel through which Jesus can work when I am open to Him. Every word I speak with another should be uplifting, every touch a healing caress, every glance filled with affirmation because Jesus is working through me.

Receiving to Give
The love of God’ and of the people in my life, is love I try to be aware of, to absorb and draw nourishment from, so that I am affirmed and in turn can radiate the heat of that love to others.



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