“They will condemn Him to death”


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  • Prayer:
    Today Lord give me the strength to accept and drink from the cup of discipleship: Lord help my faltering steps.
  • Action:
    Today I will try to be generous and understanding when someone tries to steal a march on me.I will try to remember that I am a disciple. I will try to remember that being at service of others is one of the hallmarks of discipleship

Jerusalem Tomorrow

In today’s Gospel Jesus is travelling up to Jerusalem with the 10 of the disciples, on the way He tells them that He is going to be betrayed and that He is going to die. This is “the cup” He is going to drink: It is the cost of discipleship.

Somewhere along the road the group meets up with Mrs. Zebedee and her two sons who are also disciples of Jesus. She makes a request “Promise that these two sons of mine may sit, one on your right hand and the other at your left in your kingdom” It is a request that any mother might make to get the best positions for her two boys. Jesus replies that her two sons can be His disciples if they can “drink the cup that I will drink” as for the rest Jesus cannot promise anything because these places are in the gift of His Father in heaven. Not too long afterwards the other ten disciples get to hear about Mrs. Zebedee’s request, and they get indignant that these two and their Mammy would be looking for the “best seats in the house”

Jesus now realises that even his closest disciples still do not understand what being a disciple means. He returns again to what He means by leadership and authority, themes that we have already met in yesterday’s Gospel and again He stresses that leadership is about service, it is not about position. The leader must be prepared, as Jesus himself is, to serve even to the point of giving His life as a ransom for many.

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