“One does not preach what one practices until one has practiced what one preaches”


  • Daily Mass Readings
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  • Prayer
    Lord help me today to practice what I preach: Give me the courage to turn to you as my teacher. Give me the humility to allow you to teach me how to serve my brothers and my sisters.
  • Action
    Today I will try to exercise any authority I have to serve the needs of the group or groups in which I live

A Charge on our Hearts

“They do not practice what they preach”

In today’s Gospel from St. Matthew, Jesus acknowledges that the Scribes and the Pharisees are the authorities on the “Jewish Scriptures” and “The Law” but he carefully distinguishes between this authority and the ways these leaders live out their lives. The call to live simply in today’s Gospel is a call to repentance, it is to accept the authority of the scriptures. It is a call to accept the authority of God as Father of all and the authority of Christ as our teacher.

We are asked to live in a community as brothers and sisters, a community where leadership is defined not by position but by service to every member of that community . The call is to examine our own religious insincerity as a charge laid on our own hearts and consciences.


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