“Your bother here was dead and has come back to life”.

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  • Prayer
    Today I pray for the faith of the younger son
    May I too trust that
    no matter how far I stray
    my heavenly Father loves me
    and will forgive me.
    I also pray for the older son in me. I pray that part of me will hear my heavenly Father say, “all I have is yours” and that I will allow this reassurance to assuage my anger and resentment when others who I perceive as unworthy appear to have things handed to them on a plate
  • Action:
    Today I will try to be generous in my perceptions of others I will try to put my resentments aside and rejoice in their good fortune.

Youthful Immaturity

Today we have the Gospel of the Prodigal Son, a parable we know so well that we almost forget its depths. It is a story of youthful immaturity. We could almost imagine the son saying “Give me the money and let me off to find the world”
He soon discovers that when money runs out “the good times” do too. They are replaced by hard labour in the most menial of jobs. He must now tend swine if he is to eat.
In these terrible circumstances he begins to remember his father a kind, good and wise man. These memories awaken hope in him that perhaps if he went home, he could work as a servant in his father’s house and have a better life than that of a swine herd.
We all know what happens next, he arrives home and as he is approaching the house his father, who may have spent some time each day looking down the road perchance that he might return, runs towards him, and embraces him. For his part, the son falls on his knees and confesses his sins to the father. He is accepted back as a son of the house unreservedly and to great rejoicing.
It is not his father but his older brother who has a problem with his return. The father recognises his older son’s anger and resentment and wants to heal this too. He loves both his sons and gives to each of them what they need, forgiveness for the younger one and reassurance for the older one that “all I have is yours” He invites this older son to rejoice that the family is reunited.
The father’s joy is unbounded in the presence of both his sons. 


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