‘With God on our side who can be against us’ 
(Romans 8:31)


  • Daily Mass Readings
    Available HERE
  • Prayer:
    To be transfigured this Lenten week, we ask for time and space to go to the mountain top to meet Jesus in prayer.

    Lord, we search for a hermitage in the midst of home schooling/ working from home where we can be alone with You.

  • Action
    This week I will be open to the little things that remind me of your gracious goodness to me.
    I will marvel at the wonders of your creation that are all around me. I will walk gently on the earth. I
    will eat with gratitude for the natural world that sustains me. I will remember those that have
    nothing to eat because of the climate crisis and if I can I will a contribution to Trocaire.
  • Laudato Si – here
    The transfiguration of Jesus points to the power given to us to transform our planet’s ecological situation

A call to live simply

Lent calls us forth out of our ‘comfortable’ lifestyle to live in the present moment. This year, our Gospel reading of the Transfiguration happens against the backdrop of Covid.

Our common Covid experience has imposed upon us a prolonged ‘40’ day Lenten experience. The things we miss are the simple communal experiences- inviting a neighbour in for a coffee or visiting family. The absence of these simple experiences has made us question what are the priorities in our lives. On looking out my kitchen window I see the birds focusing on living well today.


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