“Create in me a clean heart O God, Make me be like you in all my way.”


  • Daily Mass Readings
    Available HERE
  • Action
    Set aside some time to think of times you have been tempted.
    Write them down, but do not try to assess them.  Note the ones you gave into, and the ones you resisted (If you cannot think of any of the latter.. THINK HARDER)
  • Prayer
    there are temptations
    in my life
    every day.
    Help me to
    face them,
    explore them
    laugh at them even
    and realise that,
    until I surrender to them
    and act with them,
    they are only pointers to the areas where I need God’s grace. to complete the work begun in me at Baptism


It moves me EVERY TIME


I first came across this hymn in 1985 and fell in love with it. The internet allowed me to rediscover it again after a lapse of years and this recording seems to be the version I like best. 

It calls me back to what I am hoping for in Lent, a clean heart restored to the condition it had the day I was Baptised. It hints at the struggle that this can be, in my heart at least. It reminds me of the temptations I experience each day, many of which I don’t resist  but also that the starting point for this cleansing  is not some dreadful place of loathing (self or otherwise)  but the shelter provided by the shadow of His wings. The hymn, sung so humbly by these very different people,  confidently asserts that complete  cleansing is a real expectation. Hearing it, I feel ready to head out on the Lenten road again to Easter and the renewal of my Baptism


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