It was the stone rejected by the builders that became the keystone


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    Today I will try to advocate for someone close to me who needs help.
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    Today Lord I pray for the wisdom to know when I need to speak truth to power and I pray
    Lord for the courage to do it especially if it costs me to do so


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Becoming the Keystone

Today St Matthew presents Jesus telling another story to the Chief Priests and the Elders: It is the story of the Vineyard owner: It foretells the suffering and death of Jesus. It is yet another story that angers the religious authority figures who recognise themselves in the characters of the tenants. They are threatened by the presence and the message of Jesus. They would like to be rid of Him, but the crowds still see Him as a prophet. Jesus accepts that He is in the line of the prophets of old. He too speaks uncomfortable truths to power. He knows he is the stone that will be rejected by the religious authorities, “the builders”

Yet He has faith enough to trust that because he is rejected for speaking truth to power, He will become the keystone


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