If you think abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty are acceptable, your heart will find it hard to care about the contamination of rivers and the destruction of the rainforest. And the reverse is also true.   

So even while people will argue strenuously that these issues are different in moral terms, as long as they insist that abortion is justified but not desertification, or that euthanasia is wrong but polluted rivers are the price to pay for economic progress, we will remain stuck in the same lack of integrity that put us where we are now.

I think Covid-19 is making this apparent, for those with eyes to see. This is a time for integrity, for exposing the selective morality of ideology, and for embracing the full implications of what it means to be children of God. That is why I think the future we are called to build has to begin with an integral ecology, an ecology that takes seriously the cultural and ethical deterioration that goes hand in hand with our ecological crisis. The individualism brought on by the technocratic paradigm has its consequences.



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I spoke in Laudato Si’ of a distorted mindset known as the “technocratic paradigm”. It is a mindset that despises the limit that another’s value imposes. I made the case there that an ecological conversion is necessary not only to save humanity from destroying nature, but from destroying itself. I called for an “integral ecology”, an ecology that is about much more than caring for nature; it’s about caring for each other as fellow creatures of a loving God, and all that this implies.  

From Let us Dream


Pope Francis





Restrict your purchases and disposal of plastic



Loving God,
Creator of Heaven, Earth,
and all therein contained.
Open our minds and touch our hearts,
so that we can be part of Creation, your gift.
Be present to those in need in these difficult times,
especially the poorest and most vulnerable.
Help us to show creative solidarity
as we confront the consequences of the global pandemic.
Make us courageous in embracing the changes
required to seek the common good.
We pray through Christ our Lord,
under the loving gaze of Mary
Help of Christians,





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